What We Do

At Access Floor Solutions, we provide the optimal polished concrete floor for the client, with minimum impact on the environment, safety and costs.

When a client puts her/his trust in us, we automatically have a fiduciary obligation to serve that client with the best systems, price, knowledge, skills and resources that are available to us at the time.

We understand that a floor system is a major component of a house, building, warehouse, factory, garage and even a footpath. Protecting the surface of that structure from contaminants, dirt, slippages and moisture is a major component of our flooring systems.

We produce floor surfaces that are high performance, easy to maintain and are aesthetically beautiful to look at and and feel.

In essence, we create for you an added element of value which theĀ  floor structure plays a major role in the overall picture of your property.

In addition to polished concrete floors, we also provide maintenance services on all kinds of floors including of course, polished concrete and stones, epoxy & polyurethane flooring, timber and timber laminate flooring.



Concrete Floor Care and Maintenance